We offer a comprehensive conservatory cleaning service. Cleaning conservatory roofs, windows and uPVC framework including fascias, soffits and guttering to ensure your conservatory is returned to its original condition. We also clean glass verandas, roof lights, roof boxes or any type of glass roof construction.

A conservatory is a fantastic addition to your home that can be cleaned with specialist chemicals and forms of treatment that will prolong its life and general upkeep. Generally, this will be done with a combination of pure water, non-harmful chemicals, magic sponges and window cleaning supplies. The waterfed-pole system we have offers the ability to reach the highest points on conservatories also allowing the cleaning of the decorative centre sections. This avoids us having to put any pressure on the actual roof, and therefore offering the safest option to cleaning your conservatory.

Conservatories left unmaintained for too long can lead to a build-up of algae within the structure of the conservatory. If algae is left untreated then this can lead to condensation and faulty seals; resulting in leaks and damage to joints in your conservatory.

The frequency that your conservatory will cleaning will depend on your area and factors like overhanging trees and location to other greenery. If you have trees nearby or overhanging the conservatory’ it is likely the algae will build up much quicker. Often the roofs are cleaned once or twice a year but we also have customers who have cleaned on a monthly and bi-monthly basis.

In addition to this we also cleaning swimming pool houses.