West End Window Cleaning offer solar panel cleaning to maintain the optimum efficiency from your panels. Solar panels are a great investment, but over time a film of algae and dirt can form on them. Without regular maintenance, you could see a significant drop in productivity of your solar panels. Some experts suggest at least a 30% decrease on solar panels that are not regularly cleaned.

A quick search on Google highlights that many manufacturers provide varying warranties on the long term use of solar modules/panels. However much of the dirt that builds up on solar panels is reversible with a professional clean.

We provide both domestic and commercial Solar Panel Cleaning. We use specialist reach and wash pole equipment to ensure your panels have the best results.

We can provide a no obligation quotation very simply, and the process of cleaning the solar panels involves using traffic film remover or a citrus cleaner to replace stubborn stains with a shiny new looking surface. We also use solar specific brushes for a level of cleansing power we can guarantee.